Solar irrigation

solar energy panels on the mountainFrom Balkan Group, we take care of your comprehensive solar system for irrigation, both isolated and assisted project.

We work with collaborators specialized in pumping systems to analyze every need individually.


What do we offer?

  • A unique product to take advantage of an inexhaustible source like the Sun without the need for additional investments in solar inverters DC-AC, systems of storage battery or regulations.
  • Advice from the best options available in the market, adapted to the needs of the farmer and do not interfere in their growing habits.
  • Detailed design of the system, the pump and study modules that best fits the needs of the farmer, as well as to condition them working well.
  • solar energy panels and wind turbines

    Automation of watering and monitoring to provide greater autonomy and control over the crop farmer.

  • Profitability of the system, savings and return on investment secured.
  • Looking for funding or grants.
  • Guarantees of energy production for 25 years.
  • Without limitation of power.

Request budget without commitment.