desarrollo Engineering and development projects.

Balkan Engineering will take care of all the technical aspects of your project, offering a comprehensive, fast and reliable service. Ranging from pre-conceptual design to the start up project.

asesoria Technical, legal and administrative consulting.

Tell us your doubts about the standardlegal frame in your project and we will help you and we will advise you so that you can finish it without leaving a loose Cape. We are committed to “not lie you”, so that you know what are the pros and cons at all times.

ejecucion Implementation and construction of renewable energy projects.

One of the strengths of Balkan Group is its long history and its Know How in the implementation of infrastructure and facilities in low voltage and high voltage. In this sense, there are plenty of words, Word of mouth from our customers is our best business card.

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operacion Operation and maintenance (or & M).

The best way that an installation will endure and be productive in the time is to control its operation in detail. Balkan Group do not believe in “end” facilities and wash our hands, we worry about their subsequent maintenance. We treat every project as if it were a child.