Self consumption



eco green insulated house saving money vs brown losing cash

Consumption facilities are composed of photovoltaic panels that generate electricity in DC, DC with solar radiation. The plates are connected to the inverter input, and this transforms the DC current in alternating current AC, to be consumed by our appliances during daylight hours.
To be injecting energy into our internal network of housing, allows electrical devices that are currently consuming feed directly that solar power and not the general network that passes through the power meter.


At the industry level

The operation is the same as in the residential, but in this case, we carry out also a detailed study of the operation of the industry to install the best option.


Strom, Kosten, Geld. Stromzähler und Euro.

  • Economic savings.
  • Generates 100% renewable energy.
  • It produces electricity where it is consumed.
  • Reduction of energy dependency.
  • Power parity is increasingly closer and will be cheaper auto to produce our electricity that buy it at the power company.
  • Priority energy supply through solar energy.

Balkan Group offers a full study of the energy needs of the client, through an analysis of comprehensive and detailed of the invoices and contracts of current light, as well as the conditions of consumption in the case of industrial installations, in order to provide the best solutions and always available to the possibilities of the final consumer.

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