Wind Energy

Wind power is that used the force of the wind to generate electricity. This is made use of wind turbines, which move a turbine and manage to transform the kinetic energy of the wind by mechanical energy. The amount of energy that can be obtained is based on the size of the “mill”. Greater length of blades, gets more power and therefore more power. The size of these modern windmills tends to vary, as there are units ranging from 400 W and a diameter of 3 meters. Used for the domestic use of the houses, until the commercial wind turbines installed by electricity companies that have a capacity of 2.5 MW and 80 m in diameter of blades.

For a good performance of wind turbines, it is necessary to make a preliminary study of the location where it will be located, as well as to meet a series of requirements. The first thing you need to do is a measurement of wind at different heights and check your address and your speed. This first step, known as the “rose of the winds”, should last at least a year. In this way, you can not only meet what will be the best position to place wind turbines, but will also serve to confirm that the location is suitable for installing a wind farm.

You know that…?
In 1941, in the United States, was built the first wind turbine in the scale of megawatts (MW), wind turbine called Smith-Putnam, a project funded by S. Morgan Smith Company of York and led by engineer Palmer C. Putnam, who counted with the participation of scientists as Theodore von Kármán (Shepherd, 1994).

Balkan Group offers solutions such projects:

  • Planning and project management.
  • Elaboration of the design of the wind farm and micrositing.
  • Foundation works, installation.
  • Installation of transmission station or substation (of medium voltage or high voltage).
  • Network connection.
  • Assembly of generators. Start-up of turbines, wind control and monitoring of turbines and wind through system management. Maintenance, service and technical operation.
  • Financing of the project if required.