Small Hydro

Hydro power plants can generate reliable low cost electricity over a period of more than 100 years. Its high degree of operational safety and supply provides a cost-effective way to ensure a basic source of electricity generation. Since some types of power plants can store energy and grant quickly supply on demand, they contribute significantly to the stability of the network. Hydro power plants reduce dependence on energy imports and the associated risks and can form the basis for economic development in the regions without an integral power supply.

You know that…?

Did you know that in Spain there are about 520 stations controlled by the hydrographic confederations with a vast searchable database?

Balkan Group serves the entire transformation of energy products, solutions and services, Balkan provides sophisticated technology and substantial know-how. This includes the construction of new, small hydroelectric plants, as well as the modernization of the existing ones.
If an existing plant needs to be enhanced with latest technology, Balkan Group can optimize technology with minimum budget needs. Including:

  • Turbines from leading manufacturers.
  • Generators, transformers.
  • Turbine control.
  • Medium voltage.
  • Regulatory efficiency factor devices.
  • Machinery automation.
  • Monitoring and control of the hydraulic system (dam, reservoir operation, Weir system, release of residual water).
  • Safety devices. Phone alerts and alarm signals.
  • Remote control devices.
  • Remote data transfer.
  • Integrated control of power plant systems.
  • Lighting, energy facilities, land and protection against lightning.
  • Energy injected into the regional network.
  • How to link several plants.