The photovoltaic solar energy is a source of energy that produces electricity from renewable sources, obtained directly from solar radiation through a semiconductor device called photovoltaic cell, or by means of a deposition of metals on a substrate called thin film solar cell.
The generation of energy through Sun, has innumerable advantages, both social, economic and environmental:

  • It comes from an inexhaustible source, the Sun.
  • It doesn’t pollute, doesn’t produce emissions of CO2 and other gases.
  • Does not consume fuel.
  • Does not produce noise.
  • Reducing the energy dependence of the countries.
  • The increased production coincides with the hours of highest consumption.
  • The systems are simple and easy to install.
  • High versatility, systems can be installed in almost any location and facilities may be of any size.
  • The facilities are easily Partitionable, so you can increase or reduce power installed easily according to the needs.
  • Plants require little maintenance and have very low risk of failure.
  • The modules are of a long life.
  • Systems resist extreme weather: hail, wind, cold…
  • Is a system of harnessing energy ideal for areas where electrical lines fails or is difficult and expensive your transfer.
  • It encourages the creation of local employment.
  • It attracts investors.
  • It improves your image to generate non-polluting energy.
  • The cost of the components decrease as technology advances.
  • It provides economic savings.

You know that…?

After a journey of about 150 million km, which reaches the irradiance at the Earth’s atmosphere is of 1.367 W/m2 which is currently recognized as the solar constant.

Balkan Group is a solar Integrator specialized in photovoltaic solutions turnkey. We work the technical design, development and installation of infrastructure for the production of solar energy, ranging from isolated consumption and subsistence systems to large scale solar parks ground for companies and private investors.