Electrical installations and infrastructure: LV and HV

These are some of the main projects developed in the field of implementation of electrical installations and infrastructure for industrial projects.

  • Poligono Industrial of the mosque in the Vall de Uxó (Castellón).
    • Developer: Hispanica
  • Diversion of a lines HV for the construction of Hospital La Fe.
    • Developer: Wirilec
  • New lines of HV and CT for La Fe hospital facilities.
    • Developer: Wirilec
  • HV and Kinpolis cinemas in Valencia LV.
    • Developer: Wirilec
  • Valencia Bonaire shopping centre MT. 
    • Developer: HIDROCANTÁBRICO
  • Industrial Estate substation Lorigilla 13 Sector. 
    • Developer:  HIDROCANTÁBRICO
  • Lines high voltage 66KV and 24 KV of new building in Madrid (PINTO).
    • Developer: HIDROCANTÁBRICO
  • Tended lines of evacuation of Ayora (Valencia) wind farm.
    • Developer: Mondisa
  • Laying and connection of lines of evacuation of wind farm huts (Teruel).
  • Collaboration in the electrical installation of interior as well as CT and HV in Palau arts and Sciences, Valencia Oceanografic.
    • Developer: Emte Redes Barcelona
  • Poligono Industrial Tabernes Blanques. HV, CT, LV and public lighting.
    • Developer: Cobra
  • Polígono industrial Buñol: LV, CT, LV and lighting public.
    • Developer: Cobra
  • Air lines LV detours over the course of the construction of the bird.
    • Developer: Fervialia.

You know that…?

In 1912 it was intention of jointly awarding a prize Nobel Thomas Alva Edison, and electrical engineer, Nikola Tesla. The latter, rather eccentric man, hated to Edison because he believed that he had been cheated by it in a financial transaction. Tesla refused to be associated with Edison award, and instead of them, the Nobel Prize in physics was conceived to a lesser extent Swedish inventor.