Debugging wastewater

The sewage treatment consists of a series of physical, chemical and biological processes which aim to remove physical contaminants, chemicals and biological present in the water effluent from human use.

Wastewater are generated by residences, institutions, and commercial and industrial premises. These can be dealt with within the site in which they are generated (for example: septic tanks or other means of purification) or can be collected and carried through a network of pipes–and possibly bombs–to a municipal treatment plant. Efforts to collect and treat domestic wastewater from discharge are typically subject to regulations and standards, local, State and federal (regulations and controls). Often certain pollutants of industrial origin present in the wastewater require specialized treatment processes.

You know that…?

More than 90% of the water consumed by the world population is groundwater. Four litres of paint or one liter of oil for cars penetrate into the ground and contaminate one million litres of drinking water. Four liters of gasoline spilled on the ground contaminated three million litres of water.

Balkan Group offers the following services in this field:

  • Provide water and sewerage services.
  • Design, construct, install, operate, manage, maintain, expand and improve water supply sewerage systems.
  • Pumping, desalination, process, transfer, store, and distribute all types of water.
  • Projects and processes for the collection, transfer, storage and processing.