Bio-energy or biomass energy is a type of renewable energy from the use of organic and industrial matter formed in some biological or mechanical process, usually is removed from residues of substances constituting the living beings (plants, human beings, animals, among others), or their remains and waste. Harnessing the energy of biomass is done directly (e.g. by burning), or by transformation into other substances that can be used later as fuel or food.

There are various types of biomass, according to the origin of the substances used, as the biomass plant, related to plants in general (trunks, branches, stems, fruits, remains and vegetable waste, etc.); and animal biomass, obtained from substances of animal origin (FAT, remnants, excrement, etc.).
Another way of classifying the types of biomass are made from the material used as energy source.

You know that…?

Can species such as poplar and eucalyptus act as green filters? I.e., that it can be watered with polluted water, helping your debugging. This, applied in small municipalities, has the double benefit of treatment of water and forest biomass growth.

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