About us

Balkan Group was born from the fusion of three professional areas: financial, engineering and installation, in order to offer a complete service in the field of the supply of energy in all its aspects.
It represents one of the leading Spanish business groups dedicated to integrated management and promotion of projects and infrastructure development. Since the beginning of its commercial activities in 2009, has been initiated gradually in a process of diversification, which now covers a total of 6 sectors within the four large business areas: networks and infrastructures, telecommunications and it, renewable energy and concessions.

Balkan Group combines the efforts of the professionals that form the team to offer customer the best service and the best solution for its energy demand, being priority human know-how and personal quality over all other interests.

Our handicap are renewable energies, being both developers and installers of a large portfolio of clients, satisfied with our work, they count on us in the development of its renewable energy projects.